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Seminar and Lecture Editing

We offer advanced editing of seminar and lecture slide decks or notes for teachers in scientific fields of study. Our packages are charged by the slide or per presentation.

Pay Per Slide

All basic editing and additional services provided ala carte.

  • Basic editing $5.00/slide
  • Data presentation $5.00/data slide
  • Reworking for diverse audiences $5.00/slide
  • Lecture Summary slides $20.00

Short Seminar (10 Minutes) $50.00

  • Editing of 3 total text slides
  • Editing of 3 total data slides
  • Lecture summary
  • Reworking for diverse audiences
  • Review for scientific merit
Medium Seminar (25 Minutes) $100.00
All Short Seminar services included

  • Editing of 5 total text slides
  • Editing of 4 total data slides

Full Length Seminar (50 Minutes) $200.00

All Short and Medium Seminar services included

  • Editing of 6 total text slides
  • Editing of 6 total data slides
  • 2 comprehensive model-based summary slides
  • Additional scientific rigor and critique