Professional Editing & Proofreading Service

Editing & Proofreading Services | Knowing the difference

 Many don't realize that editing services, proofreading services, and copy editing all  entail different functions.  Its important for you as the client to understand the difference when deciding on which service to use. 

Editing Service

 A editor is someone who will review and change your text with the intent to improve both the flow and overall quality of your writing.  When hiring and  editor you are providing them the freedom to remove entire sentences or rewrite entire paragraphs.  Bioscience Advising will provide editorial suggestion on an any areas that need to be corrected and present such areas to you for approval.  It is our primary goal to use apply our expertise and intuition and ensure your document makes sense,  while minimizing the use of jargon, and clarifying any ambiguity.

Proofreading Service

A proofreading service will examining the final draft of a document or text - after it has been edited - to ensure that the document is error free.   Specific items that a  proofreader will review for are spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos and incorrect use of language type. 

Benefits of using an Editing Service

 Editing services can provide greater confidence, security, quality, and improved credibility to your writings.  Don’t risk rejection because of typographical errors, poor formatting, or convoluted jargon!

With our experience in academia, including (but not limited to) cancer biology, epigenetics, pharmacology, and cell biology, our company is uniquely positioned to assist scholars in numerous biomedical research fields.

Bioscience Advising will not only edit your work from a grammatical sense, but will also provide feedback on structure, scientific logic, and content, providing your work the best possible chance of publication in peer-reviewed journals of your choice.

Editorial  Categories  


Grant Application 

Our grant application editing packages include three different levels with varying editing and development processes included in each.


Full Manuscript 

Journal manuscript editing and development packages include a Line-by-line editing, or a comprehensive review and revision of works previously rejected for publishing 



Academic editing can cover a variety of different topics.  While  Dr. Curt Bulch specializes in bioscience, his experience and skill set expands to all styles and topics  academic in nature.



Our dissertation editing service will help you make the best possible impression for submission.  With a P.h.D. accredited editorial staff we understand the unique challenges
 that you are required for success.  

Editorial Service  Options

Standard  Service   

Our standard packages include either full preparation and creation or simple editing and submission services based on your project’s individual needs.   Working closely with all our clients we work hard to develop a clear understanding of your topic making sure all editions are cohesive with your study.

Custom  Service   

If your budget is limited, we can provide customized a la carte services ranging from basic grammar and “fine-tuning” of documents for clarity and flow to exhaustive scientific critiquing and in-depth revisions or rebuttals for previously declined submissions.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our work, we provide a full cost refund (prior to journal or grant application review). Payments for all services are billed 50 percent upfront and the remaining balance is billed upon completion of the documents.

Additional Services:We offer advanced editing of seminar and lecture slide decks or notes for teachers in scientific fields of study. Packages are charged by the slide or per presentation.

editing services

Professional Proofreading Services | Why you should use them 

As an experienced academic proofreader and member of the bioscience research community, Dr. Curt Balch (Founder and COO of Bioscience Advising) understands the specific challenges facing research scientists and faculty.  With pressure to receive high teaching evaluations, publish research, and apply for grant funding, many academics find themselves struggling to efficiently allocate their time between tasks. 

Through our professional proofreading services, Bioscience Advising seeks to make tasks easier for those in the academic community.

Types of Proofreading Services We Offer

Professional Proofreading

Bioscience Advising is available to provide comprehensive proofreading services for a variety of scientific and medical writing, including:

  • Proofreading of Journal Manuscripts and Research Papers
    (First or final Draft)
  • Research Funding Applications
  • Grant Applications 
  • Dissertations
  • Clinical Case Reports
  • Bioscientific Presentation (postars, seminars, ect)

Whether it’s your first draft or your final copy, proofreading and editing from Bioscience Advising will ensure that your writing is error-free, professionally-worded, and compelling.

What To Expect From Our Proofreading

When you hire Bioscience Advising for proofreading services, rest assured that your research writing will be in good hands. We’ll take the time to give each and every paragraph our full attention, looking for errors, omissions, failure to follow submission/application guidelines, and result accuracy.

We understand the robust review process for both grants and academic publications, and will do everything within our power to ensure that your document is accepted.

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