Grant Editing Service

Grant Editing | Why Its Important 

Grant editing services play a critical roll in the creation of a polished proposal.  The person or group of people that is applying for the grant should always realized that they are going up against others for the same funds.  It is because of this competition that presenting a well articulated and error free grant submission is of upmost importance. 

Service Packages for Grant Editing 

Our grant application editing packages include three different levels with varying editing and development processes included in each.

The “basic” package consists of grammar editing, editing for “flow” and “readability,” and abstract and narrative (if applicable) preparation, formatted for your targeted funding agency. The “intermediate” package includes abstract and narrative preparation/editing, editing or formulation of the specific aims page, editing of the “research approach” section as to best convey how the proposed experiments “tie together” the specific aims and address the overall hypothesis, and a limited scientific (peer) review. Finally, the “advanced” bundle consists of all the items of the basic and intermediate offerings, with the addition of extensive scientific (peer) review, full evaluation of specific aims, and their potential pitfalls, alternative strategies, and benchmarks, letters of support, and if needed, custom figure creation.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our work, we provide a full cost refund (prior to journal or grant application review). Payments for all services are billed 50 percent upfront and the remaining balance is billed upon completion of the documents.

scientific manuscript editing service

Basic Grant Editing Services

Regular rate (4-6 work days) $0.11/word
Express rate (2-3 work days) $0.14/word

  • Basic editign
  • Structuring for clarity and logic
  • Narrative and summary development
  • Preliminary study inclusion
  • Formatting for specific funding agency
  • Medical proofreading 

Intermediate Grant Editing

Regular rate (4-6 work days) $0.14/word
Express rate (2-3 work days) $0.17/word

All Basic services plus

  • Research strategy development
  • Reformatting of scientific figures
  • Reformatting for specific funding agency standards
  • Reference checking of scientific significance
  • Proofreading services reviews

Advanced Grant Review

Regular rate (4-6 work days) $0.17/word
Express rate (2-3 work days) $0.20/word

All Basic and Intermediate services plus

  • Extensive editing
  • Extensive structuring for
    clarity and logic
  • Custom figure creation
  • Scientific critique
  • Extensive reference checking
    and standardization
  • Extensive review of
    scientific significance
  • Medical editing services

Complete grant application preparation is also available.