Reasons to Use an Editing Service For Your Next Dissertation or Manuscript

Hire a Professional Editing Services for manuscripts and dissertations

The purpose of writing a thesis or dissertation is to produce your original work on a defined topic. Dissertations are usually the most important pieces of independent research work during an undergraduate program. On the other hand, a thesis is popularly associated with a master’s or doctorate degree. However, these terms can be used interchangeably and may vary from one country or university to another. 

A dissertation is likely to be the most difficult and longest piece of work a student or researcher has ever completed. It can, however, be very rewarding, since you’re able to pick a topic of your special interest and work on your own initiative. 

Additionally, it’s a necessary process towards earning a master’s or doctorate degree. A PhD in the U.S is one of the highest academic credentials after secondary education. So working towards earning this can be very rewarding as part of the graduation requirement. Ultimately, the doctorate degree is a major step for scholars who go on to become researchers, professors or pursue different other careers. 

Why you need high-quality dissertation/manuscript editing

As hinted above, a dissertation is your chance to contribute to new theories, practices, and knowledge in your field while gaining advancement and recognition in your field.  The main purpose is to develop an entirely new concept or at least contribute to an existing one and defend its worth.

Writing a dissertation requires advanced research skills and planning, and systematic thought process. Your dissertation question and topic need to be well focused so much so that you can collect all the required data in a relatively short time. You also need to choose a research project that you’re knowledgeable about in which case you will have a frame of reference for your research and some interest and understanding of your topic’s theory. 

A well-articulated and developed dissertation can significantly boost your credibility and prestige in both the academic and research world. However, for that to happen, your dissertation or manuscript has to be approved by a panel of reviewers. Academic, journal and research reviewers can be quite thorough, and for you increase your chances of approval, your dissertation needs to be outstanding. Which one of the main reasons why you need the help of a dissertation editing expert. 

Formatting and Templates

Chances are your university has a particular format requirement for dissertations. If so, especially if they have a template, you should use it. You should format your dissertation right into the template, or at least format it correctly from the very beginning. Trying to frantically paste your work into the template the last few minutes before submission can be frustrating. 

You will also be required to format your reference in the style preferred by your university. It’s much easier to format as you go along. But if this proofs to be overwhelming, you can always assign a manuscript editing/proof-reading expert to give you a hand. 


Proof-reading requires plenty of time, patience and an extremely keen eye to eliminate all the lazy errors and make sure it reads flawlessly. And this is more likely to take much longer than you expect. Also, proof-reading and editing should be done when you still have a fresh mind and not as the last item on your to-do list late in the night. 

If you want to increase your chances of having your dissertation approved and accepted, you should consider hiring a professional dissertation editor, and here is why;

•A fresh pair of eyes is more likely to catch errors and formatting mistakes than anyone who has spent days, weeks, or maybe months finalizing the document. Additional, a professional editor will be more objective and won’t hesitate to critique your efforts. 
•Saves time: Instead of re-reading the same piece with tired eyes over and over again, a professional editor can save you hours or even days of your valuable time so you can move on to the next project. 
•Saves you frustration: the job of a professional editor is to improve your document by correcting things like style, grammar, flow issues or word choice. This ensures that your ideas are passed along more effectively and not lost in the fluff. 
•Technical assistance: a professional editor doesn’t just stop and editing spelling and grammar, they go deeper and make sure that your dissertation is following the required format, ideas are well articulated and referencing is done correctly. 

Overall, dissertation/manuscript editing services such as what we offer, helps you increase the chances of your document being accepted by reviewers. We help you craft your dissertation in a logical, concise, well-flowing and reader-friendly format that will retain your reviewer’s interest.

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