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Biomedical Grant Writing Services

Bioscience Advising prides itself on a long-held, specific focus for biomedical grant writing services. Its founder, Dr. Curt Balch, has published various commentaries regarding the current misfortune of biomedical research in the U.S., due to decreasing publicly available funding.  

The single largest provider of biomedical research funding (> 95%) is the National Institutes of Health (NIH), consisting of 27 institutes and centers, although private philanthropies (e.g, American Heart Association, American Cancer Association, etc.)  With an extensive track record in freelance grant writing we are able to site a wide range of NIH and NIAID related grant topics that we have work on; 

Our Biomedical Grant Writing | What to expect

Our approach to biomedical grant preparation includes initial writing of the research narrative, abstract and specific aims pages which is then submitted for approval by the customer.  This is done prior to the preparation of the entire application.

Throughout the grant writing process, we maintain constant contact with the client via telephone, Facetime, Google audio/visual chatting, Skype, etc. We believe this is the best approach to ensuring the two parties’ agreed-upon approach to presenting the results, hypotheses, and research strategy (i.e., “being on the same page”).

We have over 20 years experience creating and submitting grant applications for a variety of public agencies, including:

We’re also skilled in creating and submitting grant applications to private organizations such as:

In addition to our editing and consulting work with Bioscience Advising, Curt’s current research interests lie in the design/screening of biomarker-driven, targeted therapeutics. He conducts this research in collaboration with Dr. Amit Tiwari (University of Toledo Medical Center) and Drs. Yon Hui Kim and Seung Yoon Nam (both of the National Cancer Center, Seoul, Korea), and joint efforts with Dr. Tom Chittenden (Harvard Medical School, WuXi NextCode) in the dual disciplines of evolutionary mutagenesis and science policy.

Thus, while fully operating Bioscience Advising, Curt remains active in the biomedical research community, striving to contribute to the improvement of human health.