Scientific Manuscript Editing Service

Scientific Manuscript Editing Service | Knowing The Benefits

Scientific Manuscript Editing Service

We are all aware that even beyond excellent research, scientific manuscript editing and writing must be done with special care to increase their chances of acceptance.

While there are dozens of “how-to” materials that have been offered to make sure that editing styles, layout, and formatting of the manuscripts are unique. The process however,  of wading through these materials can be quite frustrating.

This is the reason that many scientists look to professional editing services for assistacne.  A manuscript editor will properly edit and meet the requirements of communicating your research allowing you to prioritize other task.

Providing a basic, intermediate, advanced  and even ala cart scientific editing service options, we allow you to choose the level of support you require.

Why use a manuscript editing service?

Manuscript Editing

One of the most difficult jobs for a researcher is getting their scientific manuscript published in high-quality scientific journals. Even with masterful data, the manuscript must successfully convince all the reviewers of the research’s merit. 

Thus, you should keep in mind that all of your outstanding research and effort will have no value if you are unable to communicate it effectively. 

With Bioscience Advising, you can make use of a talented team of experts and specialists that will edit and vet your writing, resulting in the best scientific manuscript possible.

Our knowledgeable editors will help you navigate the labyrinth of the manuscript preparation and review process, while having the skills that are required to provide you with the highest chance of acceptance, to your target journal.

With  years of experience in dealing with and editing all kinds of manuscripts, all you need to do is provide us with your requirements and the manuscript document.  At that point we will work hand-in-hand with you through every step of the manuscript editorial process. 

It is our goal, regardless of which level of service you choose, to deliver a “reader-friendly” verbal/visual presentation  that is concise, logical, and provides a “well-flowing”  narrative, to achieve the greatest likelihood of retaining the reviewer’s interest, endeavoring to generate enthusiasm for the proposed work.

Ph.D qualified, we have been providing manuscript  editing for the scientific fields for over 10 Years.

Our editing process

In order to make sure that you will get the best possible services, we have divided the whole working procedure into seven different steps, to allow us to deliver you high-quality work. These are the authentic steps through which your manuscript will pass.

1. Submission

2. Editing

3. Cover letter

4. Submission to journal

5. Changes

6. Submission to journal

7. Journal response

8. Recommendations

9. Rejection with/without review

Manuscript Editing Reviews

" Working with Bioscience Advising in the revision, proofreading and editing of my recent manuscript was good decision.  Through their services I as able to bring better clarity and structural flow to my scientific manuscript as a whole.  After spending so much time writing the document it was a relive to have a second set of eyes to go through and edit the manuscript.  I will continue to consult with Bioscience Advising for future. "

Pricing and Packages 

Our manuscript editing packages include varying levels of rigor of editing and development processes. We have a long-held experience in preparing manuscripts and editing for structure.  Similar to research funding applications, we offer three tiers of services:

1) Basic Manuscript Editing: including straightforward editing for grammar, abstract preparation, and journal recommendations and formatting. 

2) Intermediate Manuscript Editing:including all the basic services plus more extensive editing for logic and “flow;” preparation of a cover letter and reference checking/suggestions. 

3) Advanced Manuscript Editing: including all the intermediate offerings plus word reduction (if necessary), incorporation of additional supporting literature, partial rewriting of the introduction and discussion sections (if deemed necessary), and two rebuttals/revised manuscripts if the submission is unsuccessful.


*This package does not include a cover letter, re-editing of the article or the development of journal critique rebuttals

Regular rate (5-7 workdays): $0.11/word
Express rate (3-4 workdays): $0.14/word

  • Basic Editing 
  • Preparation of abstract
  • Journal recommendation and formatting


Includes all services in the Basic Tier, plus the following:

Regular rate (5-7 workdays): $0.14/word
Express rate (3-4 workdays): $0.17/word

  • Extensive editing for logic, clarity, and "flow"
  • Cover letter
  • One round of optional customary re-editing
  • Word reduction
  • Journal reformatting (once)
  • Fact checking


Includes all services from lower tiers, plus the following:

Regular rate (5-7 workdays): $0.17/word
Express rate (3-4 workdays): $0.20/word

  • Data figure suggestions
  • Review for scientific merit
  • Word reduction (2 rounds)
  • Full fact check (2 rounds)
  • Incorporation of additional supporting literature
  • Suggestions for how to best present data
  • Complete refresh and edit
  • Two rounds of optional customary re-editing
  • Journal reformatting (3 rounds)
  • Rebuttal for journal critiques (3 rounds)


  • Abstract $25
  • Cover letter $20
  • Journal formatting $15
  • Review for scientific merit $75
  • Fact checking $40
  • Two rounds of optional customary re-editing $100
  • Rebuttal for journal critiques $35

Full Manuscript Preparation is Available