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At Bioscience Advising, we employ seasoned SBIR grant writers and SBIR Grant Consultants to craft winning grant proposals for individual researchers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. Together with our team of professional writers and experienced SBIR consultants, we help clients within the field of biomedical research seek Phase 1, Phase 2, or Fast-Track SBIR Grants.

Our services when it comes to SBIR grant writing include:

Our writers are experts in numerous biomedical research fields. Most of our writers hold a Ph.D. and have managed to secure their own SBIR Grants. Our grant writers work hand-in-hand with you throughout the process of developing a grant proposal. This allows you to monitor the progress of your grant proposal while making sure other core duties of your research or start-up aren’t being ignored.

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Why Choose Us as Your SBIR Grant Writing Consultant

sbir grant writing consultants

The SBIR (i.e., Small Business Innovation Research) funding mechanism is a Congressionally appropriated program that funds small business research and development. Over 2.5 billion USD is awarded to qualifying parties through this program every year. The program gets 1 billion USD in funding from the NIH alone.

Winning an SBIR grant can be extremely beneficial for a start-up or small business, as it allows them to acquire funds without having to dilute their company’s equity (i.e., “non-diluted” offerings). To win an SBIR Grant, however, you need to compose a persuasive grant proposal.

This is where Bioscience Advising’s grant writing or consulting services come into play. We help you craft a proposal that presents your product in a clear and convincing way.

There are five key parameters you need to affirm when writing a winning SBIR grant.

  • The significance of your project, and how it will impact the methods and technology being employed currently within your field.
  • The innovation it brings to your field that sets it apart from other concepts and products.
  • The experience, skill, and insight that makes your team capable of pursuing the research.
  • The infrastructure and computational tools being used to execute the project.
  • The necessary legal, ethical, and financial obligations you are complying with to ensure your proposal is feasible and backed by evidence.

About the writer/editor

Dr. Curt Balch

Dr. Curt Balch has over 20 years of experience in the biomedical and health-research disciplines. His past work included both direct laboratory research as well as the compilation of biomedical research for publication.

This expertise makes Curt and Bioscience Advising a fiscally prudent and productive means of writing grants,  getting journal manuscripts, research funding applications, book chapters, and abstracts “out the door” so that you can start reaping the benefits of your hard work.

Working closely with clients we relieve the workload and stress of writing grants so you can focus other task. 

Andrew Schlehr

Andrew Schlehr

Founder and President Innovative Healthcare Services LLC
Atlanta, GA

I hired Bioscience Advising to prepare a SBIR grant application for my small business. Initially having no knowledge of how to prepare  or submit a grant for review they were a huge supporting factor in my grant application success.  They are results-oriented and often work beyond normal work hours.  I believe the value much exceeds the actually fees. I can confidently say that I advocate all of their grant writing/preparation and editing services.

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An SBIR Grant Writing Service You Can Trust! 

We understand how difficult it is to write a winning SBIR grant proposal. We strive to ensure you can trust our team of professional writers and editors composing your grant proposal. As such, Bioscience Advising works intimately with its clients and holds strict confidentiality via internationally enforceable non-disclosure agreements.

So let us worry about the writing, editing, and formatting while you focus on things that matter to your research.

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