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Scientific Manuscripts | How Writing Services Can Help

Scientific Manuscript Writing/Editing Service

Publishing scientific manuscripts remains crucial for communicating research findings.  Moreover, the age-old adage of "publish or perish" is yet true today as ever, remaining a critical factor in career promotion, and even tenure,  in academia.  Conversely recent surveys have shown that researchers are working well over 50 hours per week, much of that in teaching, administrative, and service activities, leaving minimal time for working in the laboratory or writing. 

To that end, scientific manuscript writing services can help in a variety of ways. Not only do writing services save you time, these entities (Bioscience Advising) employ full-time writers that can remain undistracted and specifically concentrate on your manuscript.  Producing a polished document that is ready for successful submission.

Additionally, Bioscience Advising employs PhD scientists, who may even initiate the peer-review process. 

Our Manuscript Writing Process 

At Bioscience Advising, we administer an exhaustive manuscript writing process, to maximize your chances for journal acceptance. 

First, we provide you with an exact quote, and terms of service, for your protection (in addition to signing a legally binding non-disclosure agreement). You need only provide us with the figures and an overall outline of the manuscript.

Next, we greatly prefer to converse with you, making sure we are both "on the same page." From that point, in our writing services process, we draft the paper. Depending on your preferences, we can make this process fully sharable with you at every stage of the work (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.).

Finally, we format the manuscript for your desired journal, including references, numbers of words, and a cover letter (if desired).

 Writing Service Expertise | Bioscience Advising

At Bioscience Advising, we possess a long history of writing service expertise.  Founder and CEO, Dr. Curt Balch has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles, in respected journals, and has operated the business for over one year.

Moreover, in addition to its other writing services, we written and achieved publication of over 20 articles, for differing clients, in journals such as Proceedings of the National Academy of Services Journal of Biological Chemistry, Bioessays, Bioinformatics, Gut,  Oncotarget, and Cancer Letters. We also possess writing service expertise in medical case reports, phase I/II clinical trials, and research funding applications.