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Professional Grant Writing Service 

Professional Grant Writing Services for Academic Scholars in the field of Biomedicine and Medical Research.

At Bioscience Advising, we harbor a dedicated team of grant writing experts that offer you writing, editing, proofreading, and consulting services, to ensure you submit an impeccable grant proposal every time. Having helped many researchers achieve grants with professionally written proposals, we know exactly how difficult securing funds can be, especially when the demand for funding research projects is now so hyper competitive.

To that end, we aim to alleviate a considerable amount of pressure that afflicts academic scholars and industrial scientists, by assisting in the full start-to-finish writing of grant proposals. Our team of writers, editors, consultants, and proofreaders ensure you are putting together a proposal that is:

  • Precise, clear and comprehensive
  • Reviewed and edited to eliminate issues regarding grammar, “readability,” and flow.
  • Evaluated thoroughly to ensure the proposal complies with necessary requirements of the funding agency.
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    Why Seek Help from Professional Grant Writing Consultants  

    Professional Grant Writing Services

    Research is a costly endeavor. Researchers are often scrambling for provisions or incurring exorbitant expenses for reagents/materials, core services, travel, hiring a staff of technicians, graduate students, and post-docs, publication charges, and more. All of this requires adequate financial support, which is why grants are critical for researchers to progress towards their research achievement and career goals. Grants can transform the scope of your research completely, even resulting in the birth of new collaborations and research projects.

    However, the process of securing these grants is undoubtedly where many researchers slip. Both academic and private researchers often have little time after teaching, mentoring, and/or administrative obligations. You must write a grant proposal, which is comprehensive and persuasive enough to make a compelling case to the reviewers. You may be submitting a grant proposal to your institution, a private funding agency, or the state or federal government. Hence, your written grant must be impervious to grammatical, formatting, or scientific errors, and thoroughly comply with the policies of the funding body you are courting. This is even more crucial when you are engaging in biomedical and medical research grant writing.

    This is where the services of reputable grant writing companies like Bioscience Advising become fundamental. As we specifically cater to academic scholars and researchers from the biomedical and medical research fields, we are aware of the specific set of requirements that writers need to comply with when composing grant proposals. Rest assured, Bioscience Advising provides the grant writing help you need that leaves ample room in your schedule to focus on core areas of your teaching, research and administrative obligations.

    A Grant Writing Services You Can Trust! 

    We understand how important your work is, and thus greatly strive to ensure you can trust our team of professional writers and proofreaders composing your grant proposal. As such, Bioscience Advising works intimately with their clients, and holds strict confidentiality via internationally enforceable non-disclosure agreements.

    So let us worry about your writing, editing, and formatting while you focus on things that matter to your research.

    About the writer/editor

    Dr. Curt Balch

    Dr. Curt Balch has over 20 years of experience in the biomedical and health-research disciplines. His past work included both direct laboratory research as well as the compilation of biomedical research for publication.

    This expertise makes Curt and Bioscience Advising a fiscally prudent and productive means of writing grants,  getting journal manuscripts, research funding applications, book chapters, and abstracts “out the door” so that you can start reaping the benefits of your hard work.

    Working closely with clients we relieve the workload and stress of writing grants so you can focus other task. 

    Andrew Schlehr

    Andrew Schlehr

    Founder and President Innovative Healthcare Services LLC
    Atlanta, GA

    I hired Bioscience Advising to prepare a SBIR grant application for my small business. Initially having no knowledge of how to prepare  or submit a grant for review they were a huge supporting factor in my grant application success.  They are results-oriented and often work beyond normal work hours.  I believe the value much exceeds the actually fees. I can confidently say that I advocate all of their grant writing/preparation and editing services.

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     We offer a wide range of Grant application services, including:  

    • Basic grant editing (grammar, spelling, etc.)
    • Grant Search & Identification 
    • Extensive review of grant application for scientific content, logic, and clarity 
    • Preparation of full-fledge grant writing proposals

    Grant Writing Experience 

    Bioscience Advising possesses long-held experience in writing grants, reviewing and preparing specific types of funding applications, including  various private/philanthropic organizations ( American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Society, etc. ). 

    • National National Institutes of Health (NIH, R01, R03, R21, and U01 award mechanisms) National Science Foundation (NSF)
    • Early-concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER)
    • Rapid Response Research (RAPID) award mechanisms, etc.)
    • Phase I and II SBIR/STTR proposals (multiple agencies)
    • Various private/philanthropic organizations (American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Society, etc.)

    Our Grant Application Preparation Process

    Grant application preparation begins by providing us with data figures, and (preferably) an outline.

    After review of these preliminary materials, we prefer to converse with the investigator, if not in-person, via telephone, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts audio/video, etc. We strongly believe this is the best means for “getting on the same page” as the investigator, regarding specific strategies and methods for presenting the background material, specific aims, while consistently ensuring the research approach strongly adheres to address the overall hypothesis(es).

    Based on these conversations, and prior to preparation of the entire proposal, an abstract and specific aims page will be provided for customer review. Upon approval, we will begin the application preparation.

    Following completion of the grant writing and application process, one additional round of editing/revision is allowed prior to the customer’s submission. Also, under certain circumstances, we can submit the application (directly to the agency) for the client.

    Grant writing how to's 

    For more information on grant writing check out our how 4 step, how to write a grant blog series. 

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