NIH and SBIR Grant Search Directory 

Utilize our grant search directory to identify funding opportunities for both NIH, RO1 and SBIR research grants.  Once you have searched out and identified your grants of interest we can help you write, edit, and submit your application. 

Bioscience Advising holds over 10 years of NIH grant search and application process experience .  Providing Ph.D accredited writing, editing, and peer review preparation, we  specialize in RO1, SBIR, and  NIH grant writing preparation services.  Below are some topics we have previously worked on.  

  • Epigenetics
  • Cancer Biology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Signal Transduction
  • Pharmacology
  • Cell Biology 
  • Endocrinology
  • Preclinical and Phase I/II Clinical Trials
  • Tumor Microenvironment
  • Biotechnology
manuscript editing

Knowing The Grant Search Process

Searching for a SBIR, RO1, or NIH grants can be a daunting task and often times confusing if you haven't done so before.   Knowing which grant your small business or research project will qualify for isn't always a night and day distinction.   

Grants searched for and found in the grant database/directory in general will have varying qualifications for approval and application requirements.   Spending unnecessary time by not knowing which grant to search for and what is necessary for increasing approval odds is something that we can help with. 

With a working knowledge of the grant application process we can help in streamlining the search for you.  

​Grant Search and Application Consultation 

If your new to securing grant funding for your research project or small business and have never searched for grants in the national database/directory before, or are unfamiliar with all the steps involved with writing, editing, submitting and then revising the grant after submission, we can help.  

Its important to know that less than 20% of grant applications are approved for funding.  Part of this is due to researchers lack of time or understanding to properly prepare the grant.  By utilizing a consulting service such as ours we can expedite the grant search process, identify funding opportunities based off from your scope, and further assist through out the entire writing and submission process. 

Need help searching for a grant that qualifies for your specific scope of research?

Sarah Kim PhD,
Department of Biomedical Science
Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea


"I have worked with Curt and Bioscience Advising since 2014, resulting in successful publications in Cancer Research, Cancer Letters, Gut, and Oncotarget (2x). In addition to extensive editing, I have also hired Curt to perform de novo writing on four occasions, with two publications and two in press. Curt is highly personable, and often goes far “above and beyond” what he is paid to do. I highly endorse and recommend his work."

Andrew Schlehr
Founder and President
Innovative HealthCare Services, LLC Atlanta, GA


"I hired Bioscience Advising to prepare a SBIR grant application, initially having no knowledge of preparing or submitting a grant for my small business they were a huge supporting factor in my success. Because they are results-oriented, they often work beyond normal work hours. For the amount of work performed, I believe the value much exceeds the actually fees. I advocate all of their grant preparation and editing services."