Writing and Editing Reviews

Sarah Kim PhD

Department of Biomedical Science

Hanyang University,
 Seoul, Korea

"I have worked with Curt and Bioscience Advising since 2014, resulting in successful publications in Cancer Research, Cancer Letters, Gut, and Oncotarget (2x). In addition to extensive editing, I have also hired Curt to perform de novo writing on four occasions, with two publications and two in press. Curt is highly personable, and often goes far “above and beyond” what he is paid to do. I highly endorse and recommend his work."

Andrew Schlehr

Founder and President

Innovative HealthCare Services, LLC
Atlanta, GA

I hired Bioscience Advising to prepare for me an SBIR grant application, initially having no knowledge of preparing or submitting a grant for my small business. Because they are results-oriented, they often work beyond normal work hours. For the amount of work performed, I believe the value much exceeds the actually fees.  I advocate all of their grant preparation and editing services.

Sarah Kim PhD

Owner and Chief Scientific Officer, Edvotek, Inc.

Director, Biotechnology Program

Georgetown University

Washington, DC

I have employed and consulted with Curt for over twenty years. He has extensively consulted with my company, Edvotek, Inc., and with the Biotechnology Program at Georgetown University. Curt also served as Primary Investigator and wrote three successful SBIR grants for Edvotek.

Seungyoon Nam, PhD 

College of Medicine, 
Gachon University
Incheon, Korea

I have hired Bioscience Advising now for over three years, resulting in my successful publication of four research articles in well-respected journals. I would recommend their service to any researcher wishing to increase their odds of publication in high-quality journals.

Ph.D qualified, we have been providing manuscript  editing for the scientific fields for over 10 Years.