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Writing Services For Thesis and Dissertations

While preparing, editing, and final polishing of these formal summaries can seems like a monumental task, we offer services to assist such PhD or Master Degree's candidates in the preparation and writing of such research thesis or dissertations.

Bioscience Advising will not only edit your documents but we will also provide assistance with writing your theses/dissertations.

For obvious  reasons, we cannot write these documents in their entirety, but can assist with planning, formatting, and/or creating an outline to do so.  

After The Thesis & Dissertation Writing  Process

Following  initial drafting  of the document, it must be expansively edited multiple times.  These edits and revisions can become extremely time consuming and mind numbing.   Most thesis writing experts suggest “taking a break” from editing by asserting the value of "getting a second set of eyes" to look at such documents.

For this purpose, dissertation editing services can be quite valuable, offering many options, based on your budget and extent of editing.     

Why choose Bioscience Advising? 

At Bioscience Advising, we have many years of experience in both writing and editing all types of scientific documents (including theses and dissertations).  As such, we can provide you the most extensive editing available for writing of such thesis descriptions which highlight your years of hard work and will help you attain your well-deserved achievement!

Bioscience Advising, collectively, employs writers with over ten years in direct editing experience, in addition to seven years writing/editing in research academia. We possess years of experience in all types of scientific documents, with particular specialization in research manuscripts, grant applications, and PhD dissertations.

Moreover, our services go far above and beyond those of our competitors, including paragraph restructuring, logic and "flow," adjusting word count, and presenting the material for overall readability,  for positive reception by PhD committees, editors, and peer reviewers.

We also offer 100% guarantee our work, or will re-edit the work until it meets your satisfaction. Simply contact us with your specific cause of discontent, and we will substantively work with you, either to resolve that cause, or provide you a return up to 100% of your original thesis/dissertation writing service request.